Leadership Development Through The Submarine Way Lens of Inclusion

Why We do What We do



In 2016, a single keynote speech lead to a best selling book, a consulting, speaking, training and coaching firm that created the first truly unique view into leadership development in decades. We have broken the code on how to actually drive engagement by developing leaders to look through the lens of inclusion. The secret sauce is the inclusive leadership practices from the secret world of submarines. This is changing everything and is a movement as much as it is a company.

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The How Begins with our Methodology...




Google "Leadership Development" and you will get just under 1 BILLION hits. Is there really anything unique out there, that actually drives results? Our model starts with this methodology and is combined with a system and process that is so unique it has a U.S. patent pending. 

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Testimonials of Our Impact

Simply The Best Training

The most practical, relevant and effective training I have ever been a part of. The time they take in learning the organization and then the powerful reinforcement they build into everything they do only enhances the great training.

Allen Heidler

Chief of Police

City of Florence

A Speaker With A Powerful Message

  John Gregory Vincent spoke at both our local transportation department in-service and at our annual state conference this year.  He possesses the unique ability to rev up and engage the crowd, while imparting his wisdom and knowledge.  John’s enthusiasm and engaging personality are unmatched.  Once you have seen John speak, you will never forget it…….

Wes Fleming

Director of Transportation

Berkelely County Schools

Leadership Like No Other

 John Vincent is truly a leader's leader. John has the innate ability quickly assess seemingly functional processes, design, and implement a fruitive process tuned for optimum success. I have had the pleasure of benefiting from his leadership in a number of venues. The most distinct value of character to which I can attest is that John truly values every element of human capital and can lead a disorganized consortium or a well-structured organization into a more focused team with driven purpose and greater throughput. John is one of the few people I would follow into combat, no questions asked. 

Jeffrey Johnson

SLCPS 2017

Teacher of the year

Insightful and Inspiring

Deb and John’s exciting new book on The Submarine Way toward diversity and inclusion will totally change the way you think about a subject that can be a sensitive and challenging one to tackle. 

Being a corporate executive, former pastor, and business owner, I’ve been faced with leading and fostering an inclusive environment and team when the stakes were really high. Their insightful and inspiring approach will be different, yet successful. I encourage you to read it and dive in! 

Darryl Webb 

Senior Vice President, Operations

Golden Corral Corporation

Ready For A Mind Shift?

John and Deb use The Submarine Way to leverage what all organizations should be doing: creating an atmosphere of inclusion and treating their biggest investment, their human capital, with respect. Their examples of the contrasts between the Navy’s system of acclimation and the common practices of community/religious organizations and business offices show a clear gap in the way inclusion should be done.  

Are you ready for a mind shift? Get ready to take a ride below the surface and learn The Submarine Way. This system will transform your organization and help you reach the results you’ve been struggling to achieve. 

Freya S. Huffman, MBA, PHR, ABD

Author, Performance Improvement Expert, Motivational Speaker

Success is Insured

What John and Deb have put together in The Submarine Way is nothing short of astonishing. They have managed to put lessons and insights it would take most of us a lifetime to learn into a few chapters. Their work is inspiring, thoughtful and, amazingly accessible. Follow their lead and success is virtually certain.  

George Reynolds

Travelers Human Resources


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The Submarine Way

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Leadership through the lens of inclusion changes everything


Why change Everything?

All of us, working together, will always be better than one of us. Human beings spend too much energy on conflict, bias and slights.


How we change the world through
training and speaking

Our keynotes frequently start the cultural change and our programs drive it home. We hear from our clients that they are tired of traditional training that just doesn't stick. It's called learning decay and we overcome it with the synergy produced by our patent pending system.  The program is powerful and the reinforcement drives it to the end of the mission, cultural change. Give us a chance and like our other clients, you will discover lasting, positive change is not only possible, it will become a reality. 


What does all of this do?

Did you know an engaged workforce is a more productive workforce and it drives ROI?  Did you know that a world with less conflict is not just aspiration? Reducing conflict, creating crewmunity,  is driven by behavioral change, not by engagement training. The most powerful driver of engagement is an inclusive environment. Our patent pending system drives inclusion, which drives engagement, which reduces conflict, and drives ROI. Training that changes will, through skill. Exciting!  

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