The Story of Why We Do What We Do

Our co-founder and President, shares with you the details of why she and John Gregory Vincent walked away from their corporate gigs to start the movement for more effective leadership development they call, The Submarine Way.

Directly below is an overview of our patent pending model that is changing leadership development for the first time in decades.

The Patent Pending Model


Our methodology sets the stage for developing leaders,  with the mindset of tapping into the best of us. Combine this with our system and process and the result is the only inclusion focused, leadership development model, we are aware of,  issued a pending patent by the U.S. patent office.

Strengths Based means two things, first focus on what is right with people, what they do best. Secondly, encourage partnering with others who are better at certain things. This creates a culture of inter-dependence and synergy.

Inclusion Focused is produced by a strength based culture. To be your best, you must include others who have talents and expertise in needed areas, but areas outside your expertise. 

This drives crew-munity.

Mission Oriented is the measurable results your teams, departments,  and organizations must be laser focused on. We replace jobs with roles, to accomplish the mission.The Circle denotes these are all completely interrelated and continuous. Break the circle, skip an element, and success cannot be sustained.  Let's dive in together!

Our Training

How We Drive Engagement

For 20 years we have been spending tens of millions of dollars to drive to huge benefits of higher employee engagement. Guess what the numbers have not gone up. There is a reason and we not only know it, we know how to fix it.

After checking out this short video check out the crew that brings it to life.