Preface From The Submarine Way

  This is not your standard issue book on inclusion and diversity. This truly is a system literally built on the incredible undersea world of submarines and how the people on these silent tubes could work through their sea bags full of personal biases and melt into a mission focused machine. There will be language you do not understand and other language and key parts of the system that are at least edgy if not flat out uncomfortable to read, but it is the system and it is real. So, go grab 4 people you don’t like, all 5 of you work yourselves up into a sweaty lather, and then lock everyone in your smallest closet with a single flashlight and the mood will be perfect to dive into 

the submarine way!  

Stay tuned for our next book, a children's book, Ella's Colorful Submarine. The same messaging about solutions to inclusion, written for children. Let's change things early!

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